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GeoVan Concept Amenagement de van 2.jpg

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GeoVan Concept, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé, atelier pau, pyrénées-atlanti
Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques


Rear hinged doors, original tinted: from €520

Opening side sliding door or opposite, identical origin, tinted: from 515€.

Fixed sliding-door side or opposite, same as original, tinted: from 335€.

Installation of rear hatch glass, tinted and Genuine identical: from €495

Toits relevable, Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Pop-up roofs

The installation of a roof extension not only saves space inside your van, but also offers 
additional sleeping space.

We currently work with the 3 main market leaders: Bram, Reimo and SCA.

Each model comes with a Froli sprung base as standard.

These sunroofs can be fitted to Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, 
Opel, Renault, Nissan. (From €6,490).



Insulation involves 2 aspects: soundproofing and thermal insulation. Sound insulation provides 
comfort during journeys and once inside the vehicle, whereas thermal insulation 
your van's thermal insulation will above all provide you with comfort on board when it's hot. 
but also in winter, by limiting the impact of outside temperatures.

We prefer the combined use of 19mm Armaflex-type French insulation and recycled wool fabric (métisse). 
fabrics (métisse) in 45mm. For larger-scale projects we can also 
sprayed cork insulation. (From 700€).

Habillage des parois.jpeg

Wall cladding

If your vehicle is not equipped with them, if they are damaged or if you simply wish to 
change them, we'll take care of it. Identical to the original in 5mm or 8mm poplar 
depending on the parts to be trimmed and the fittings envisaged.

habillage feutrine, Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Felt trim

Visible metal parts are covered in felt for greater comfort and an impeccable finish. 

Store latéral, Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques

blinds and awnings

The installation of a side awning on your van will allow you to benefit from shade or a simple 
whatever place you choose to park your van.

The Fiamma range, among others, is well known, and there are a multitude of models to choose from. 
for most vehicle models; Volkswagen, Peugeot, Renault, Ford etc... 
We also work with Thule and Dometic products, among others.

Réfrigérateur 12V, Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques

12v refrigerator

We offer the installation of compression refrigerators offering exceptional 
long-lasting refrigeration quality. Whether powered by 12V, solar or 220V, you're sure to have 
you'll be able to keep your supplies cool, and even make ice cubes! We offer 
the full range of Indel B fridges, as well as various models of compression coolers.

Cuisson, Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques


Fixed or removable, gas- or electric-powered, there are several models and options to choose from, depending on your layout and requirements. 
and your needs. Please contact us for further information.

Aménagement van évier Pau.jpg

water system

Whether you're using it to supply your sink and/or an outdoor shower, the 
will not have the same capacity. Once we've determined your needs and habits, we'll 
adapt the clean/waste water reserves accordingly. We install a cold water 
hot water circuit, all according to your needs and budget.

Douchette extérieur van Pau.jpg

external shower

A must-have accessory for autonomy in a van or camper van. The box is 
in one of the kitchen or living room units, simply connect the showerhead, press the knob 
and press the knob to enjoy a real shower. We recommend the installation of a 
water reserve, minimum 40L, if a sink is to be installed, and thus benefit from greater 
greater autonomy.

chauffage aditionnel van, Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques

stationary heating

From €1,680 (depending on model and type of installation)

This is the best heating solution if you're looking for an energy-efficient product, 
quiet and extremely efficient.

Discover the most beautiful places, experience adventure in all weather conditions 
weather conditions, you can always be sure of the warmth and comfort of an on-board 
on board your vehicle.

The heater runs on the vehicle's fuel reserve.

We work with the Eberspacher, Webasto and Autoterm brands.

Batteries aux.jpeg

auxiliary batteries

From €685

- Victron 110Ah Gel slow-discharge battery

- Victron Orion Smart TR 12/18 charger

- Circuit protection with fuses

- Wiring

The separator coupler or charger enables your auxiliary battery to be recharged via the alternator 
and engine battery, once the engine is running. When the engine is off, your appliances only consume only consume the energy stored in the auxiliary battery, thus protecting your 
motor battery from discharge and related inconvenience.

The battery is a Victron slow-discharge gel battery. In this type of battery, the electrolyte is immobilized in gel form. Gel batteries generally have a longer service life and better and better cycling capacity than AGM batteries.

The capacity of your auxiliary battery should be adapted to your needs.

We can also install Lithium batteries if you're looking for greater autonomy.

panneau solaire.jpeg

Solar energy

Solar panels provide clean, infinite energy to recharge your auxiliary battery. 
We offer a wide range of flexible or monocrystalline solar panels with back contact 
back contact (Sunpower cell) technology, offering high conversion efficiency and 
applications (marine, insulated, motorhome, etc.).

To optimize auxiliary battery recharging, we also offer a range of 
of MPPT regulators to suit your application needs.

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology is designed to increase the efficiency of your 
solar panels by exploiting their maximum voltage.

Compared to a conventional regulator, the MPPT regulator increases the yield of your solar panels by 15% to 40%. 
of your solar panels.

convertisseur 12V.jpeg

12/220v converter

The installation of a 12V/220V converter is possible, but it's important to take into account the type of equipment you'll be charging via it, in order to determine its size. 
type of equipment you'll be charging via this system, in order to determine its size. 

As a general rule, it's a good idea to add a solar panel as a complement, as the 
The separator coupler alone is not sufficient to recharge the auxiliary battery efficiently.

We work exclusively with Victron Energy's Pur Sinus range of inverters. 
Energy brand, renowned for their excellent quality, reliability and robustness. With many years 
experience in the energy sector, it's a guarantee of quality that we offer the Vitctron 
range of Vitctron Energy equipment.

Aménagement van Pau Voltmètre.jpg

voltmeter, cigarette lighter sockets

This box features a digital display to monitor the state of charge of the auxiliary battery 
2 USB 12V ports.

A must-have in your layout, it's both useful and functional.

Réseaux 12_220V.jpeg

12v network - lighting

From €355 (vehicle L1H1)

Includes installation of the 12V wiring required to power your van's components and 
connection of the various elements to the 6 or 12 input general fuse holder box.

Lighting is provided by low-consumption LED spotlights or a choice of LED strip lights. 

Several options available (additional reading light, additional LED strip) on request.

Banquette homologuée_edited.png

road-approved benches

If you wish to increase the number of seats, you can opt to add a road-approved bench seat 
a road-approved bench seat with a 190x120 bed, or individual seats on sliding 
on sliding rails. Please note: this modification will entail a change to the vehicle registration document, which we can take care of. 
we can take care of. We work mainly with Scopema and 
Schnierle brands.

Porte-vélo van aménagé, Prestation d'aménagement de van, aménagement de van, location de van aménagé à Pau Pyrénées-Atlantiques

bike racks and accessories

Need to install a bike rack, an off-road accessory or a multi-rail? We can offer you 
all the leisure-vehicle products available from many of the major specialist 
to be installed in our workshop. Contact us by e-mail.

Réfrigérateur 12V
Circuit d'eau
Douchette extérieure
Energie Solaire
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