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Hygiene in Van

Geovan Concept aménagement de van à Pau et location de vans aménagés
L'hygiène en van aménagé

Traveling by van doesn't mean "traveling without washing".

Today, it's perfectly possible to maintain good hygiene when traveling by van.

Most vans are now equipped with showerheads, and even if the water isn't necessarily heated, it's always nice to rinse off after a day on the road.

Here are a few tips to help you stay hygienic wherever you are!


Hygiene products

First of all, before we talk about the different ways you can wash yourself, let's talk about the products you should use!

It's pretty obvious these days to use environmentally-friendly (biodegradable) products when traveling in a van. Out of respect for nature, and above all if we want to enjoy it for as long as possible and give future generations a chance to enjoy it too. Of course, the impact is never equal to zero, but it's better to use a Marseille or Aleppo soap than an ordinary bottled shower gel that contains far too many chemicals!

Here's a short (non-exhaustive) list of products to choose from:

  • Marseille soap

  • Aleppo soap

  • Sloe brand solid soaps & shampoos = 100% natural, biodegradable, plastic-free, refillable and made in France (on sale in our boutique).

  • Unbottled brand solid soaps & shampoos = made in France, zero waste, biodegradable.

  • Natural, zero-waste toothpaste from Endro Cosmétique. A committed Breton brand.

Geovan Concept aménagement de van à Pau et location de vans aménagés, vanlife, van aménagés
Vanlife essentials


Different ways to shower

Heated or unheated, the van shower is always appreciated (well, unless it's 10 degrees) outdoors. Often located at the rear of the van, you can easily create a bit of privacy thanks to shower tents.

If you don't want to get in the way, you can always shower in your bathing suit - it's just a little more complicated for your private parts!

If you're in the mood for a hot shower (or if you've got long hair), why not spend a night at a campsite once in a while - it's a great way to do some laundry too!

It's not necessarily the time you'd prefer, but that's where good hygiene comes in!

In summer, you can use the beach showers, but this time it'll be a cold shower in a swimsuit!

In some countries, hot showers are available free of charge at service stations or freeway service areas (or sometimes for €1 or €2).

The last solution is to take a shower at the harbor master's office. They often charge a fee, but frankly, €2 for a shower is not insurmountable, and they're generally very clean!


The "road shower" device, or solar showers!

A very good invention, but a little expensive on the other hand: the "Road Shower" device. The device looks like an awning, and can store up to 38L of water, providing hot water and a real shower outside the van.

For smaller budgets, solar showers are available in a wide range of models, from most specialist camping equipment stores. The drawback is that once filled, they take up a lot of space and need to be placed in the sun for several hours to heat up.

Geovan Concept aménagement de van à Pau et location de vans aménagés, hygiène en van aménagé
The pleasure of an outdoor shower in a converted van


Washing at the sink

If you don't feel like taking a shower (it's cold, for example), you can always take a quick cat bath at the van's sink. It's perfect for privacy! Just close the curtains and you're as comfortable as in your own bathroom!

Remember to bring gloves with you, so you don't get water all over the van when you wash.

As for the products you use, this gives you a little more freedom, although natural and biodegradable products are always to be preferred. Bear in mind, of course, that your dirty water tank should not be emptied just anywhere (RV parks, camping sites or, possibly, down a drain).

If you don't have a sink, a small pan of water will also do the trick. Soap yourself first, and once you're fully soaped, rinse the glove in the pan before rinsing yourself off!

Geovan Concept aménagement de van à Pau et location de vans aménagés
Toilet at the sink!


Suncare products

Even if they don't directly concern "hygiene", it's important to remember. Sunscreen products, for the most part, have a bad impact when swimming in a mountain lake or in the ocean.

Here are a few brands that sell "clean" sun creams for the planet.

  • Face & body cream SPF 50+ from "Les Petits Prodiges", a French eco-responsible brand.

  • Sun creams from Laboratoires de Biarritz, made in France, that respect the skin and the oceans.

  • Suncare creams and sticks from Eq Love, an eco-responsible brand inspired by surfing, created in Biarritz.

Geovan Concept aménagement de van à Pau et location de vans aménagés
Let's be responsible!

Please note that all our rental vans are equipped with a (cold) shower.

Personally, at GeoVan Concept, we're not fans of washing with soap in a river or lake. Even with a very natural soap, you'll never leave zero traces...

Don't forget to think of the flora and fauna first!

A little bath is always refreshing, though.

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