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Road Book: 2 days and 1 night on the road to discover the magic of the Ossau valley under its thick white coat in the comfort of your heated van!

Winter magic in the Ossau valley: 2 days and one night in the Ossau valley!

  • Aline, your travel planner, has designed this roadbook to help you discover the Ossau valley in winter, usually under a thick white coat.

    You'll be able to indulge in the joys of winter and enjoy the comfort of your heated van in the evenings.


     "Winter magic in the Ossau valley" is the perfect solution for combining winter sports, wide open spaces and mountain gastronomy.

    You'll find a suggested itinerary for each day, as well as a range of activities. 

    All our vans are equipped with snow tires, but you'll need to take care when driving on snow.

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